About Us

cropped-npc1.pngThe National Planning Commission was established in May 2010 to develop a long term vision and strategic plan for South Africa.

The main objective of the Commission is to rally the nation around a common set of objectives and priorities to drive development over the longer term. The Commission advises government on cross- cutting issues that influence the long term development of South Africa.

The NPC comprises of 24 part-time external commissioners, a chair person and a deputy chairperson appointed by the President on the basis of their specialist skills and expertise. The commissioners were drawn from nominations made by the public throughout South Africa and are largely from outside government. The mandate of the Commission is to take a broad, independent and critical view of South Africa, by consulting with and drawing on the skills and expertise of multiple stakeholders, to build consensus and find concrete solutions to key challenges faced within the country.

South Africa needs well researched, evidence- based input into policy processes that have long term economic, social and political implications for development. The commission is expected, on an on-going basis, to put forward research on key cross- cutting, multi- sectoral issues and to produce research reports and discussion papers that provide sound evidence and clear recommendations to government. The research is produced by the commissioners working in tandem with sector experts both within and outside the National Planning Commission.

The National Planning Commission is supported by a secretariat located within the planning branch of the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. The priority of the department over the next five years will be to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the National Development Plan towards realising Vision 2030. The commission will advise government and social partners on implementation of the plan, and will work with state agencies to report on the progress of objectives, until the next national planning cycle transpires.

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