NPC Commissioners

The Commission consists of respected thinkers in South Africa and is expected to bring about fresh ideas and insight into the long- term plan to advance growth and development in South Africa. The Commissioners collectively have expertise and practical experience in areas such as finance, business, politics, labour, economics, sociology, technology, science, demographics and development. The commissioners are critical advisors to government providing recommendations in the interest of the long- term development of the country. They are the voice of the future representing the long- term aspirations of South Africans.

For purposes of research, the commission established its own expert panels in their area of expertise from both inside and outside government. The expert panels provided advice on issues such as water security, food security, and economic development, social security, education, climate change, social cohesion, spatial issues, health and human resource development.

Within the NPC secretariat a board of sector experts still exists today, beyond the development of the NDP. There is an expert positioned in the department for each sector identified in the NDP, who will take forward research initiatives of the NPC to advise government on future planning and implementation as related to the proposals of the NDP. These experts form an extended branch of the commission and are responsible for ensuring the development of consistent and integrated policies and programmes aligned to the NDP across multiple layers of policy- making, planning and implementation.

The Commission is chaired by the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa who will feed the work of the commission into Cabinet and government. The Minister in The Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Mr Jeff Radebe is the deputy chairperson of the National Planning Commission.

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