Dr Jennifer Balatedi Molwantwa

Dr%20Jennifer%20Balatedi%20MolwantwaJennifer Balatedi Molwantwa is Unit Manager: Hydrology and Water Scientist at Digby Wells Environmental, a mining focussed environmental consultancy firm. She provides surface water quality input to EIA/EMP where she assess impacts and provides mitigation and management solutions to mining clients. Other inputs include, surface water and stormwater management plans (SWMPs), integrated water and waste management plans (IWWMPs) and undertakes water use license applications (IWULAs) on behalf of mining clients. Jennifer is a qualified biotechnologist dealing with wastewater treatment specifically mine water and AMD treatment. Her experience includes active and passive mine water treatment and she developed a biological passive sulphide oxidation technology currently under pilot assessment at a mine in the Mpumalanga Coal Fields. She uses these expertise’s at Digby Wells to offer technology alternatives to mining clients facing AMD issues.

Dr Molwantwa holds an MSc and PhD Biotechnology from Rhodes University specializing in wastewater treatment, particularly mine water. She is a registered professional natural scientist (Pr. Sci. Nat.) with SACNASP. She has been an active member of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) since 2004.  She is the recipient of the WISA Mine Water Division Best Paper Presented by a Student (2004) and Excellence in Research Award for a young scientist from the WISA/CSIR/WRC in 2006. Jennifer was also instrumental in the establishment of WISA Young Water Professionals (YWP) in 2006.

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