Dr Miriam Altman

Dr%20Miriam%20AltmanDr. Miriam Altman is the Head of Strategy for the Telkom Group.  She coordinates Telkom’s strategic repositioning and turnaround, as well as Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations. Previously,  she served as Executive Director at the Human Sciences Research Council from 2002 to 2010. She is recognised as a leading economist, strategist and thought leader. She has played a leading role in shaping employment policy and dialogue in South Africa. Her work concentrates on framing practical public and private strategies aimed at stimulating employment. Dr. Altman leads policy research teams covering the macro-economy, trade and industry, infrastructure reform and administered pricing, government employment, youth employment, migration, labour markets, household food security and social policy. “Evidence-based Employment Scenarios” is the flagship, drawing together top decision and opinion makers in business, labour, government and academia to identify how the targets of halving unemployment and poverty might be reached. Dr. Altman has led major public policy and development programmes in urban renewal, industrial development, and was Project Leader of the 1998 Employment Strategy and Presidential Jobs Summit. She regularly advises international, national, provincial, and municipal leaders on policy that advances efforts to stimulate the economy, promote employment and reduce poverty. She has a BA in economics from McGill University, an M.Phil from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester.
Dr Altman has produced more than 100 publications. She has been the commissioning editor of approximately 400 policy papers and publications in her division at the HSRC, and was guest editor of four special edition journals.

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