Prof Anton Adriaan Eberhard

antoneberhardAnton Eberhard is an energy expert from the University of Cape Town (UCT) where he directs the Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation at the Graduate School of Business.

He has worked in the energy sector for more than 25 years and was the founding director of the Energy and Development Research Centre. Prof Eberhard teaches executive education and professional short courses that attract participants from across the African continent.  His research focuses primarily on the management of reform and regulation of the electricity sector, including the introduction of private sector participation in management contracts, leases, concessions, divestiture and greenfield investment by independent power producers.  His work also covers the challenges of transforming state-owned enterprises.

Prof Eberhard holds a BSc (Chem. Eng) from Cape Town, a BA (with distinction) from the University of South Africa and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Eberhard’s fields of specialisation are economics, management, restructuring and regulation of infrastructure industries – particularly the electricity, gas and water sectors – in support of sustainable development, energy policy, renewable energy and energy-efficiency financing and business models. He is also a full time director for the Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation, Graduate School of Business.

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