Prof Vivienne Taylor


Vivienne Taylor is Head of Department in the Department of Social Development at the University of Cape Town. She teaches social policy, development planning and social and economic development. Her career consists of both national and international development experience spanning over 30 years, approximately 20 years of this being at a senior policy and/or management level. She has worked with the United Nations on a global Commission on Human Security, with governments, the non-governmental sector and in academia.

She has researched and written on social policy and development related issues. She was principal author and researcher of South Africa’s first two Human Development Reports sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  In 2008 she completed a 50 country research study for the African Union on Social Protection called Social Protection in Africa: an Overview of the Challenges. She has over 60 publications (chapters in books, research based and peer-reviewed articles and conference papers).

She holds the following qualifications: BA (SW) (UDW), BSocSc (Hons), and MSocSc (Cape Town).

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