Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and Equitable Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

South Africa has a rich endowment of natural resources and mineral deposits, which, if responsibly used, can fund the transition to a low-carbon future and more diverse and inclusive economy. Developmental challenges must be addressed in a manner that ensures environmental sustainability and builds resilience to the effect the climate change, particularly in the poorest communities.

Investment in skills, technology, and institutional capacity is critical to support the development of a more sustainable society and the transition to low-carbon economy.

  • Focused institutional capacity building and management structures are needed.
  • Carbon pricing mechanisms that target specific mitigation opportunities need to be implemented.
  • Consumer awareness initiatives and sufficient recycling infrastructure should result in South Africa becoming a zero-waste society.

The development of environmentally sustainable green products and services, including renewable energy technologies, will contribute to the creation of jobs in niche markets where South Africa has or can develop a competitive advantage.

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